Nanovalor, season 2…

Hello everyone, I hope you really appreciate the content our students provide you for free – as un free speech not in free beer.

I’m glad that, for the first season we are approaching a thousand views per month, see below.

nanovalor stats

Here are listed our top 5 articles about technology:

I see a clear trend on connected health & wellness and smarthome, Sure, we are going to work on that this year. I’m also really happy that, when for example you type some keywords like “basket connectée” Nanovalor is on the first page on Google. That’s really a success and we are going to be even more impactfull this year, for two reason. First, all the content will be published in english, maybe with a french translation, but not sure. Second, all our teaching team (see here) is composed by real life epic professionnals or academic that are going to coach our students and the online learning platforms created by Sylvie Blanco and Sébastien Guinard undergone major improvements.

The themes this year will, as always, be around technology but you’ll discover that in a couple of weeks. I promise you are going to be amazed by our students.

In case you don’t know where you are, here is a short clip presenting the class where our students learn by doing about literacy and technology management, writing the articles published here.

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